Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Life In QLD!!

It only took about 9 months to get around to it, but i'm finally back into blogging!!! Better late than never...! Right...? Haha. So I thought I should start off with a catch up post about our new life living in QLD!!! First of all let me say- we LOVE it up here. We definitely miss our family and friends back in Sydney, but... thats about all we miss!! :) Since we got here we felt as though we were on holidays, and 6 months later and the feeling has never left! We moved to a suburb on the Gold Coast called Palm Beach. We had two "must haves" when looking for a place to live. Josh's was a view of the beach, and mine was a dishwasher!!! We were blessed to get both!!

This is what it looks like pretty much every night as the sun goes down. Its really so beautiful!

(I didn't take a picture of the dishwasher, although it too is pretty awesome!!).

So in preparing for this post I picked a few photos from my phone which will catch you up on life for us over the past 6 months. (Ill do another post with pictures from Josh's phone next week).

Sienna discovered the ipad!!!! Its a blessing and a curse! She is totally addicted to it, which is great when you need to keep her busy for 40 mins (She will sit through an entire episode of hi-5 LOVES IT!!) but its also a curse because EVERY time she see's it she demands to watch it. So we hide it around the house so she cant see it. (We lose it alot!! haha).

This present from nan nan and pop pop was also a blessing and a curse! Awesome because she loves them so much, but hate them when they are all over the house!!! :)

She LOVES sharing protein shakes with mummy and daddy! I literally have to hide in my bedroom so I can have my breakfast in peace and not have to give it all to her.

We also got Dreamworld passes so we could meet up with Matt and Jade and the kids. We LOVE doing this and look forward to summer when we get more use out of the water park too! This is Siennas face when she see's the wiggles performing at dreamworld!! She has become totally obsessed with the wiggles and her face lights up every day at 10:25am when there show comes on TV!

Uncle Matt teaching her how to be "gentle" with the Kangaroo's.

For a little while this became her favourite spot in the whole house. In this shot she is eating some coconut there, but we would often find her there playing with toys or reading a book, or just chillin... I don't really know why she likes it so much... looks really uncomfortable to me...

Matt and Jade and the kids usually come every month to spend the weekend which we LOVE!! I get so happy when I see the cousins enjoying spending time together!

This is Pacey and Sienna in there make shift "home theatre".

Working together on some interior decorating ideas!

Oh yeah.... and this happened!!!!

I love my baby boy!!! But more about that in a future blog!!!

We love going for play dates at Matt and Jades place. They got chickens, which is so cool and Sienna loves to play in the pen with them!

I love how Sienna just wants to do whatever Leo is doing!! I also love how Pacey is in charge of Taj in the back ground!!! I totally didnt even realise until I was looking back through these photos!! haha! 

Pacey being the best "cousin mummy" there ever was!

So for the first week, Sienna wasn't very interested in Taj at all... This is her eating her grapes and pretending he isn't there...

But now she ADORES him! Often i'll be in the kitchen doing something rather, and I turn around to see Sienna "playing" with Taj and sharing all her toys with him. Its the cutest thing ever!!!

Yep- thats garlic and salad dressing from the fridge... She also tries to feed him all the time. She thinks if its near his face, its working!!

What I really love the most is when Taj is crying, she brings him her "boo boo" (her blankie) and puts it on his face... (literally). The reason I love this so much is because I know how much she loves her boo boo, and seeing her give it up to try and make him happy just melts my heart!!! Love my sweat heart girl!!!

She is such a great big sister, and just loves her baby brother!

Sienna was helping me get the room ready for nan nan and pop pop to come stay, when I came back into the room she had made herself in the bed!!!

Sienna also loves shoes... hers, mine, dads... anyones... 

And sunglasses!!!

And the WIGGLES!!! I love her face when she see's them coming on TV. It's like happiness mixed with a bit of dis-belief... So cute!

Well thats a wrap! Suffice it to say that we are loving this time of our lives and feel so blessed for all the good things we have and the joy we feel each day! 

PS- Love QLD but.... GO THE BLUES!!!!!


marley maree said...

So I've looked at these pictures before, but they still crack me up.

Also that last photo, did Sienna dress herself or were you the mastermind behind that one, cause lets be serious, I wouldn't be surprised either way...

marley maree said...

So I've looked at these pictures before, but they still crack me up.

Also that last photo, did Sienna dress herself or were you the mastermind behind that one, cause lets be serious, I wouldn't be surprised either way...

Mum and Dad Krok said...

Love the catch up on your life in Queensland, so.. looking forward to joining you all permanently. Just as well it's not too far on a plane or too expensive and we get to see 2 families for the price of one. love you, mum